Thunder & Lightning


Age:  Approx. 9 weeks old when rescued on 16/7/2020

Neutered: No

Vaccinated:  No

Microchipped: No

Thunder and Lightning were rescued while straying in finder’s garden in Dublin 7. They have transformed from being scared to cuddle bugs. These handsome boys have the loudest purrs especially during a sleepy evening cuddle on the couch They love food, eating wet and dry food and also have a strong appetite for tuna, chicken – everything, really! They are using litter trays with no problem. They love playing with each other, playing with the ball and wrestling. They could chase a piece of string for hours on end! 

Lightning is enjoying being held and cuddled, especially by his foster carer’s 5 years old daughter. He even lets his belly be petted and is oh-so gentle. 

Thunder has come on in leaps and bounds during a short time in foster care. He is enjoying being both held and cuddled! Both are timid with strangers, but with their foster carer they are extremely affectionate and sociable.