The Purr

We are currently winding up our charity so The Purr is now closed to visitors. Thank you for all your support over the last three roller coaster years!

The Purr

The Purr is our flagship cat rescue centre which we opened in Dublin’s north inner city centre on Valentine’s Day 2021. We chose the Day of Love to show our deep, passionate, unconditional love for felines everywhere. Let’s all purr together in celebration and commitment to helping our fabulous furry feline friends.

Our address is 31a Brunswick Street North, Smithfield, Dublin, D07 RW97.

Our opening hours for visitors are…

Monday – Thursday    Closed
Friday          11am-7pm
Saturday   11am-6pm
Sunday      11am-6pm

You are welcome to book a session to meet some of our rescued cats and kittens.

Our intention is to create the best facility we can with our scarce resources within the limited 2,000 square foot space. This wonderful base affords us a real opportunity to showcase our work and will provide a vital stepping stone towards securing a permanent home for our rescue centre.




Since we started our work in August 2014, we have TNR’d and rehomed over 3,500 cats and kittens. We have built up a great reputation, an extensive network of fosterers and a wealth of knowledge and experience. We truly believe the tide is finally turning in Ireland as more and more people start to realise the wonderful benefits domestic and community cats provide. We want to give people the tools to help cats in need and to ease tensions between cats and humans in our urban centres. With your support, we can help so many more!


Within The Purr, we have created a much-needed quarantine area for rescued cats and kittens, a play area for some of our rescued kitties with a separate but connected viewing room where visitors can interact with our friendlier kitties, a small vegan catfé and charity gift shop, as well as a meetings space for hosting workshops and education and welfare awareness training.

Our facilities include…

  a secure storage room where we …

store and distribute equipment, food, toys and litter to our fosterers

store and distribute donated items to carers of cats in need

have a designated cleaning area to disinfect traps, trapping equipment, crates and cat bedding


  a quarantine room for accommodating…

cats overnight whom we are TNRing whilst waiting for vet appointments and to recover after being neutered/ spayed

emergency rescues until a vet appointment is available

pregnant feral queens and/or nursing feral mamas and their kittens

sick cats and kittens






  a kitty play area, with a separate but connected viewing room, where…

visitors can pre-book to interact with our some of our rescued cats and kittens, under the supervision of our trained staff and volunteers

we can run special sessions for mothers and toddlers, small group of school children, adults with learning difficulties, etc which we hope to organise by the end of 2021




a vegan catfé




  a suitable space for meetings and workshops

Our meetings and workshops space is available to rent (please email for further details).


  a charity gift shop where we sell handmade items by local and international artisans. We are always looking to expand our range so please contact us at if you would like to join our team of suppliers.


We will be hosting kitty adoption days and low-cost microchipping events at The Purr. Our staff and volunteers are on hand to provide advice to visitors on all non-medical aspects of cat welfare. We will also be starting a series of educational workshops and outreach projects.

We have expanded the number of volunteering opportunities with our charity as there are more varied roles available and a greater range of tasks to be undertaken. The Purr provides a safe, welcoming space in which cat lovers can volunteer outside of their homes. This community involvement is very important to us.

We hope to see you at The Purr very soon!