Age:  7 months old when rescued on the 04/02/23
Spayed :   Yes
Vaccinated:   Yes                       
Microchipped:Yes – adopter will need to re-register chip

Socks is a sweet, playful little kitty who was surrendered by her previous human after her human developed allergy issues. She has adapted well to her new environment and her fosterer is smitten with her.

Socks is a very playful and inquisitive young kitty who loves to play-fight and chase toys. She is also a very affectionate non-stop purr machine. She gets on well with her fosterers resident cat and has her fosterers dog firmly under her furry paw. 

Socks is very good-natured and friendly but she sometimes uses her teeth and claws when she gets over excited playing; for this reason, she might be best suited for a house without small children and with another cat companion to put matters on her. She is very, very keen to be allowed outside to play so it would be wonderful for her to be adopted by humans with a large, safe garden. We dont feel she will be happy as an indoor only cat.

This little lady knows how to use her litter tray reliably and is more than ready to start her new life in her loving forever home.