Rafferty, Bambie & Psyche


Approx 5 months when rescued on 03/07/20

Spayed/neutered: No

Vaccinated:  No

Microchipped: No

From the start, Rafferty was much calmer and forthcoming than his siblings. He was the first to emerge from the cat carrier and immediately struck me as a curious, intelligent and calm little cat. He has been the easiest to get to know and gain trust with, really leading the other two kitties to begin to trust his foster carer, play and receive food from their hand. He is a very cool, calm and affectionate little cat. 

Bambie looks like he gate crashed his litter! He is much bigger than his siblings and has a really cute, different shaped face. He is totally adorable! He was quiet and shy at the start, but quickly it could be seen how playful and soft he is. He is at the centre of the play at all times, both with his siblings and when his foster carer plays with them. He is extremely cuddly with his siblings and his foster carer could tell that, with some time and trust, Bambie would really be a very gorgeous, open and affectionate cat. Sure enough, he pretty much purrs at every opportunity. Although he is still getting used to handling, he has been an absolute delight to get to know. He makes his foster carer laugh so much, really living up to his name of Bambie – jumping and skidding all over the place and purring away. He loves food and can be quite eager to eat as well as a bit pushy around the other’s bowls. He is just living it large, we think!

Psyche is the little girl of the clan (we think!), but for sure has a sharp wisdom for her youth, and also probably still the wildest and most suspicious of the 3. She was very very scared and wary at the beginning and is still not letting herself be handled or touched, but she takes food from her carer’s hand and is now much more forthcoming at playtime. Even when she is not playing, she is always watching attentively and with keen interest. She loves playing and cuddling with her siblings, but is still not convinced about humans. She was named her Psyche after the myth of Psyche who went to the underworld to rescue her lover… She seemed sad at the beginning and maybe she was sad from being uprooted from her world. With time and care we think she would be a happy house cat. She needs much more time to trust.