Pippin, Gimli, Samwise & Smeagol






Pippin, Gimli, Samwise and Smeagol were born to a PRC rescue mama Awern, who was found straying in Clane, Kildare. 

They have bloomed so much in the last week. They were all little spuds and then all of a sudden were climbing everything and starting to run around. They are nursing well and have started to pee in the litter boxes! Very impressive at little over 3 weeks old. 

Gimli and Pippin (the tux twins) are the most confident, they are jumping over and into everything, with Gimli conquering the summit of the carrier! They always come out and greet whoever comes to open up the crate and they have been exploring the room a little more each day. Smeagol is very Smeagoly, he is a little Halloween void. He is also very friendly but spooks a little more easily. Although, he enjoys wrassling and screaming. Samwise is the chonk of the group, he is by far the heaviest and there is no question why. He did not leave his mama’s side until recently. He is much more relaxed, enjoying staying in the carrier next to a constant supply of milk rather than exploring. But he is still active! 

They are all going to be fabulous cats and it’s so cute to see their different personalities come out. They have also all been loving their little balls with bells in them.