Purr-sonality Profile – Oreo

Age: Young adult
Neutered: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

Oreo’s owners moved away and left the poor boy behind to fend for himself. A kind neighbour took over caring for him in the short-term and we have since taken him into our care. We are desperate to find this lovely fellah the forever home he deserves.

Oreo came to us just before Halloween and was a very brave boy throughout the fireworks. We were so happy he was safe indoors with us. His fosterer distracted him all evening with pets and play.

He absolutely loves to catch feathers attached to a string (and rip their invisible heads off!). His absolute favourite has to be a ball of yarn. He loves pouncing on it when his fosterer drags it along the floor. He is such a playful boy and sometimes seems a little perplexed that his fosterer isn’t so keen on having her hands and feet pounced on during the night if they’re not fully under the covers. Watch out when Oreo is about because he just loves to play. He pounces very gently on wriggly toes and then seems confused to be met with a groan and a sleepy human. He also likes to check sometimes whether it is time to eat by giving his fosterer a few little licks on the nose.

Oreo loves affection. When you’re stroking him he gently takes your fingers with his paws, licks them and carefully moves them to the side of his cheek to help you groom him. He is happy being cuddled and picked up.

He’s very gentle and happily naps anywhere – except for the cat bed! He loves to be up high to survey his kingdom from above. His favourite spot is top of the wardrobe but he also loves to  In splay out on the bed for a good, cosy nap.

Before he was in foster care he really liked to spend lots of his time exploring outdoors but he also relishes his warm, cosy home to curl up in now that we are coming into the winter months. He isn’t desperate to get back outside but come summer time we think he would love a garden to explore.

He really enjoys being around children and playing with them so would definitely be suited to a family home but is happy with his adult-only foster home too. He’s a very laid back guy so we think he will be happy in any loving home.

Oreo will be neutered before going to his forever home. He is happy and fully litter-trained.

(Reduced cost neuter, vaccinations and microchipping available)

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