More about Phibsboro Cat Rescue

More about us

Our Goals and Objectives are to:-

 manage the homeless cat population in a humane and effective way through our TNR work

 tame, socialise and care for rescued cats and kittens, and find them secure, loving, forever homes which have been vetted by experienced PCR volunteers

 provide information and educate the public about the welfare and care of both domestic and community cats

 support existing and potential cat owners by providing information and advice on a range of cat behavioural issues

 follow best practice in animal rescue and to train volunteers to assist our cat welfare and rescue work

 advocate for better animal welfare legislation, especially for cats, and for enforcement of existing legislation

 set up fostering programmes with vulnerable groups (the elderly, young people in care, individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, individuals with mental ill health, offenders on parole, etc)

 demonstrate that by caring for cats we learn to care better for ourselves

 promote that all life should be treated with respect, compassion and empathy

 be open and transparent in the work we do

Since forming  in August 2014, we have TNR’d over 1,500 feral cats and we have rescued, tamed and found loving forever homes for over 2,000 cats and kittens. We have provided veterinary treatment for many more and we have rehomed a number of domestic cats who have been surrendered to us by their humans for a variety of reasons. Local vets tell us they have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of homeless cats and unwanted kittens since we started our work.

We run cat welfare awareness events in various pet stores across Dublin. We also run regular low cost microchipping days as part of our responsible pet ownership initiative, educational outreach projects, and we are active advocates on behalf of cat welfare in Ireland. In addition, we provide help, advice, and support about cats to many people via our Facebook page and website.

We rely on public donations and our own fundraising efforts to fund our rescue and educational work.

We are a member of The Wheel and are working with Dublin City Volunteer Centre towards our Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard. We are also in the process of applying for membership of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes.

We successfully applied for charitable status with the Charities Regulatory Authority in 2016 (our registered charity number is 20105297) and we received our tax exemption number (CHY 21973) from Revenue in 2017.