Mooncake, Chaos, Echo & Avocato

Age:  Approx. 8/9 weeks when rescued 06/07/20

Neutered\Spayed: No

Vaccinated:  No

Microchipped: No

Mooncake is a beautiful girl (Tortie)  who was born to wildie mama in finder’s garden, Phoenix Park, and rescued by the PCR to help TNR Mama. Alongside her protective brothers Echo (Tabby & white) , Chaos (Tabby & white)  & Avocato (Black & white). 

Chaos, he is still a little cautious, he has a spicy personality.  He even fights with his siblings about food (literally growling) if something tasty is being given out he tries to get all for himself. He only goes to eat and explore after all the siblings have gone. He loves boxes, he’s inside one all the time! 

Echo, follows in the footsteps of his brother, but is a little more active, venturing off a bit more with his other siblings. He is gradually getting closer to his humans but remains suspicious. He sleeps next to his humans, but won’t be petted.

Mooncake is very gentle and loving and is able to eat from the hand, but no petting allowed yet as she is still very cautious …. except if there is food in their foster carers’ hands: in this case she doesn’t care at all! 

Avocato is the sweet one. He’s always hungry, asking for food all the time. He is the only one who is used to his foster carers already. He sleeps on their back, purrs and almost falls from the bed every time he is being petted!

All of the siblings love their toys and are very adventurous. They play with each other all day and find toys in everything. They’ve been through the whole house already. This bunch are very loyal and caring towards each other, when one of them splits from the group he starts to meow and all of the others come from their hiding place to catch him immediately. They also seem to have some kind of strategy every time they need something, like, one stays in the lookout, the other goes slowly in the front. They are the ultimate sibling gang. They don’t drink water if it is not very fresh! They eat very very well.