Midge and Minstrel

Midge and Minstrel 


Age:   4 years old when rescued on 11/02/23
Neutered:   Yes
Vaccinated:   Yes
Microchipped:   Yes – Adopter will need to re-register chip
Health Issues:   No

Midge and Minstrel came into our care after their human sadly passed away.

Midge and Minstrel are very sweet and affectionate young brothers. Minstrel was the first to respond to the TLC from his fosterer. Midge was a little more hesitant, but soon came out of their shells and are very happy in their foster home. They play with each other and with toys all day long. They can be a little skittish if there are any sudden loud noises or quick movements and hide under the sofa, but they come out immediately afterwards and pretend they were always big, brave boys, never scaredy cats.

Midge and Minstrel are not fussy about food. They enjoy the occasional treat and wet food and are also happy and content with the kibble readily available. They are perfectly happy being fully indoor cats and love to look out at seagulls from the window while making “ekekek” sounds to try to entice the seagulls onto the windowsill “to be friends” – nice try, lads! Both boys love to sit on their foster mammy’s chest and make biscuits. Midge especially likes to cuddle under the blanket with purrs and head nudges.

Midge and Minstrel are looking for a loving furr-ever home together, where some one will give them time (few days) to settle in and safe to show their purr-sonalities.

We are not sure how well Midge and Minstrel get on with dogs, other cats or young children. They are both happy, healthy and housetrained.