Age:   3-4 years old when rescued on 07/10/22
Spayed:    Yes
Vaccinated:    No
Microchipped:    No 
Health Issues:   No

Lady was living as a stray in her finder’s garden for a while before coming into our care.

Lady was a shy, scared little lady, but not aggressive or wild, when she was rescued and she has now transformed into a cuddly, grumpy, purry fluff ball. Lady took some time to trust her foster mammy but now she follows her around looking for attention and sits and sleeps next to her in a blanket asking for cuddles before purring herself to sleep. She is still shy and hides when there are new visitors but she is fairly chilled around her fosterer’s housemates and she asks for cuddles from humans she trusts.

Lady loves wet food and is not a big fan of dry food but she will eat it when mixed with wet food. 

Lady is doing fine in an indoor only environment right now but seems interested in going outdoors as well. Lady might enjoy a house with a secured garden or balcony. A calm, quiet household without young children would be ideal for Lady. We do not know how well she will get on with other cats or dogs.

Lady is ready for adoption and is looking for a furr-ever home with a quiet environment and humans who are patient and understanding, who will give her time to settle down and trust. She is happy, healthy and housetrained.