Kuvira and Kazmir

Kuvira and Kazmir


Age: Approx 8 weeks when rescued on 07/06
Spayed: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No
Health issues: Currently being treated for cat flu and eye infections

Kuvira and Kazmir were born to a wild mama cat in Drimnagh who has been TNR’d.

Kuvira and Kazmir are an adorable bonded pair who do not like to be separated and they will even meow for each other if they cannot see each other – how cute! Both are gaining weight as they are eating and drinking well, using their litter tray, and they like to play chasing and wrestling with each other and then sleep for hours. They will play with just about anything they can find: pieces of paper, cocktail sticks, and their favourite – little bells!

Kazmir is the more friendly and chilled of the two; he is the bigger of the pair and has taken on a sort-of “big brother” role – he will look out for Kuvira and grooms him when he’s asleep. Kazmir loves being petted and will sometimes sit on your knee, but generally he prefers to just sit beside you instead. He has a really loud purr.

Kuvira is a little more shy but still a very playful and adventurous boy. He loves to sit on your knee and will willingly come and get in your knee himself to look for pets. He loves to explore and loves you to play with him with any type of toys – strings, feathers, small balls, wand toys, anything will do! He gets spooked easily by loud noises and will sometimes run and hide if he is spooked.

As these boys are a bonded pair, they should be homed together as it would be unfair to separate them. We do not know how they would do with very young children, but their fosterer has an 11 year-old who they have been fine with. They may be ok around dogs; they have spent time around their fosterers small dog and are very curious about her, and will even sneak in beside her for a nap when she is asleep!