Kitty Angels

Our Kitty Angels

We are delighted we are rescuing so many cats and kittens and we are proud that we have never yet refused to help a kitty in need. Our work is only possible with your support. Our vet and kitty care bills currently total an average of around €5k per month so we REALLY need your help! Please consider becoming a Kitty Angel. For as little as €5 per week, you will be donating €260 per year, which Revenue will top up with an additional €116.62 at NO cost to you!

We are so proud of our amazing January Kitty Angels whose donations raised a fantastic €1,788…

Jonathan Smyth
Marie Doyle
Paula Hallows
James Burnett
Alena Mensik
Emma Burke
Amy Gilligan
Anna Huuskone
Ciara Kiely
David Domican
Georgina Garford
Joan Clarke
Laura Magnier
Mary Gormley
Patricia Whelan
Sammy Ryan
Shaun McGranaghan
Tara Gleeson
Tracy Higgins
Pearse Stokes
Rhona Flynn
Karen Moynihan
Mairead Doyle
Cathy Dixon
Carol Millington-Prat
Liz Zhao
Michelle Harley
Caroline Gorman
Katherine O’Brien
Patricia Carey
Tina Weadick
Elizabeth Ham
Olivia O’Connor
Marina Reilly
Francesca Griff
Stephanie Bates (Hanlon)
Nigel McCormac
Nadine Langhard
Elliott & Magni
Adrian Adams
Tamara Mcizki
Stephanie Armstrong
Elizabeth Neary
Charlotte Kealy
Greg Sheaf
Sue Gill
Orla Fitzpatrick
Alison Quigley
Olivia Dobberke
Mick Fox
Anna Xotta
Gwen McIntyre
Louise Gavin
Eva Herrero
Keith McManus
Jay Colgan
Patricia Hardiman
Susan Ronayne
Barbara Banaszek
Shirley Brown
Vikki Bhrein
Carla Moran
Evelyn Foley
Ri Cashen
Rory Geraghty
Ruby O’Brien
Sylvain Doreau
Viktorija Paulauskaite
Isabella Good
Jason Bell
Anastasia McCarthy
Elaine Shoebridge
Gillian O’Brien
Mary Burke
Carol Edmonds
Catherine Doggett
Tunde Hodosan
Alan Mooney
Ivan Heneghan
Leah Moran
Annika Loh
Gemma Walshe
Genevieve Duval
Jennifer Lynch
Marina Duarte
Ruth Redmond
Joseph Brady
Martina Genockey
Aoife Kelly
Sinead Hayes
Craig McMahon
Marian Curry
Kamila Roguszka
Nadezda Kudryashova
Lisa Ennis
Natalia Betanska
Ann Pedreschi
Corrina Wynne
Aimee Murray
Michael Banim
Sarah MacGowan
Sarah Critchley
Hilary Pidgeon
Colette Neasy
Hannah Buckley
Aine Dempsey
Ana Rodriguez
Shane Connolly
Lauren Byrne
Craig Benson
Lisa Flanagan
Stephen McQuaid
Alison Hayes
Melissa Martin
Lana Marie Workman
Megan Healy
David Lemoine
Wioletta Osipowicz
Antonio Alarcón Miguez
Sarah-Jane Conroy
Gayle Williamson
Stephanie Ossenbrueggen
Joanne Mulligan
Maria Smith
Sue Hemmens
And others who prefer to remain anonymous

Our Kitty Angels are our financial lifeblood. We are completely reliant on your kind donations so please consider helping us help them by setting up a standing order or recurring PayPal payment (of whatever amount you chose) or simply using the Donate button on our donations page. Every cent goes to help lost, abandoned and feral cats and kittens in and around Dublin.

Thank you