Jules, Rosa & Ozwell

Age:  7 weeks when rescued 3/07/20

Neutered\Spayed: No

Vaccinated: No

Microchipped: No

Jules, Rosa and Ozwell  were rescued from homeless shelter, Finglas as part of a larger rescue/ TNR programme with support of manager and residents. These three beautiful souls have been named after famous acrobats as they spent the first night with their foster carer flipping, jumping, tumbling and chasing each other around their crate. They LOVE playing (jumping, tumbling, chasing). 

All three Love love love their food. They’ll be straight over the minute they see the pouches being opened. Though a little shy, they will lick food from their carer’s fingers.

Rosa is a little quieter but much braver than her siblings. She likes to stare around the room taking everything in. She also likes falling asleep sitting up! Although she loves her food, as do her siblings, she would definitely pick rubs over dinner. She can’t get enough of a good back scratch. She is so sweet and will grow to be an affectionate kitty. 

Jules lets his foster carers rub him and will let them pick him up. He just loves playing with his toys. 

Ozwell is still very shy, it’s going to go take more time to win her over. Her foster carer strongly suggests pairing Ozwell with  Jules –  she clearly feels safer when he’s around. The two of them will always be found snoozing together.