Hera, Hestia, Hades and Hermes

Purr-sonality Profile – Hera, Hestia, Hades and Hermes

Age: Approx 9 months (Hera) and 9 weeks old when rescued on 01/11/19
Neutered/ Spayed: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

Hades (black, male), Hermes (tabby, male) and Hestia (tabby, female) were rescued with their wonderful mamma, Hera, who is only about 9 months old herself. We think the poor mother and her very young kittens were dumped.

The kittens have adapted wonderfully to indoor life. Although the vet originally said they were around 9 weeks old we think they may be even younger. They are still suckling from mamma and she is producing milk for them. They currently have a very strong bond with their mother so couldn’t be separated yet.

Hera is a calm, loving cat who is only a kitten herself. She loves to lounge on her fosterer’s window seat and watch the world go by – as well as keep a watchful eye on her little babies. She loves to be petted and stroked and will run up to greet her fosterers when they get home. She chirps away to her kittens and devotes lots of time to cleaning them.

Hestia, Hermes and Hades have started to eat some dry food but are still constantly bothering their mamma for milk. Mamma is getting a little fed up of them badgering her all the time and she gives them a little bop with her paws. 

All of the kittens love to play together. It’s very sweet to watch. Hera is a lovely friendly cat and we can already see her kittens are likely to turn out just like her. In such a short period of time they have come such a long way and are very fascinated watching the movements of their fosterers.

They are all very calm, laid back kittens who like to spend their time sleeping together and cuddling their mum. They are all happy to sit up on the sofa with their fosterers.

They are all happy, healthy and litter trained.

(Reduced cost neuter/spay, vaccinations and microchipping available).

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