Age: Approx 5 months 

Spayed/neutered: No

Vaccinated:  No 

Microchipped: No

Our gorgeous Ghost is a beautiful white male, who was rescued when found straying in a finder’s garden. 

He has come along in leaps and bounds since entering foster care. He is a very gentle soul and a real mummy’s boy, who has made quite the attachment to his foster carer. He sticks by her side most of the time and gives her lots of cuddles and purrs. He looks at her when he is feeling uneasy. 

He is still very timid and jumpy and will seek out somewhere to run and hide if there is too much movement or noise. We think he would be best suited in a quiet household without children as he startles very easily and prefers quiet time. He has started coming out of his shell a bit more this week and is beginning to play. He mostly likes playing by himself with his track ball toy or bits of string as he gets a bit scared by sudden movement when his foster career’s try and play with him. 

He doesn’t drink very much water has been added to his wet food which he doesn’t mind at all. He can get a bit anxious when he is eating but otherwise eats really well. He is really good at using his litter box and has never had any accidents.He looks like he is going to grow up to be a big boy, he has such long legs!!