Eco and Sage

Age: 8-9 weeks (As of 10/06/2022)

Vaccinated: No

Neutered: No

Health Checkup: Yes (09/06/2022)

Sage: Black and White, Echo: Black

Rescued from the street (5/06/2022) , Echo and Sage have sensitive personalities and are still adjusting to being around people. At first, they chose to stay out of sight and did not welcome any company within the same room as them. They now happily eat their pellets with their fosterer moving about around them. Keeping in mind, they still getting use to touch, so they do hiss from time-to-time. 

They’re very curious and enjoy venturing around. Still skittish and shy, they will sometimes tuck themselves in a quiet spot. Once very alarmed by noises, they have now adapted to sounds of appliances (microwave, dishwasher ect..)

Echo, as the brother, always watches over Sage, and can be very feisty. He tends to be more playful and energetic than his sister. While Sage is the calmer one, she enjoys lounging around and watching her brother play with toys (she may decide to join him).

They use their litter box well. As they remain in their loving foster home, they make improvements everyday with human interaction, all with patience and time, they have come a long way in just less than a week.

Such an adorable sibling bond that cannot wait to be loved by a patient, loving and caring Home.