Dobby and Dusty

Purr-sonality Profile – Dobby and Dusty

Age: Approx age 8 weeks when rescued on 14/10/2019
Neutered/ Spayed: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

Brother and sister Dobby and Dusty are inseparable. Dobby takes his role as big brother very seriously and is the bigger and braver of the pair, protecting his little sister from the world. The pair are just learning that they are safe now and have nothing to fear any longer. 

They are two little fuzzballs of black fluff full of fun!

When they were first rescued off the streets with their mother and auntie who have now been TNRd they were incredibly nervous, hiding under chairs and avoiding their foster humans but now the pair have come out of their shells and are melting into such lovely kittens.

Dobby is so inquisitive and much bolder than little Dusty but she is catching up in terms of exploration skills by leaps and bounds. They rule the roost in their fosterers’ home.

They are very playful with each other, Dobby being the rougher older brother. They also really love playing with their toys – especially anything that jingles. Dusty is obsessed with watching the TV. She always sits with her nose pressed up against it and watches it intently.

 It’s blatant that they really love each other. They are happiest when they’re cuddled up together and are rarely out of each other’s company.

The siblings were very hesitant to accept any human contact to begin with but they are beginning to really like being petted. However, they are not yet approaching humans first for strokes but we are confident this will change in no time!

Dobby is definitely the greedier of the two and his fosterers have to be careful that he doesn’t eat all of Dusty’s food as well! They really love dry food.

They are adorable kittens who would suit any home environment as they really entertain each other and keep each other company. They are happy, healthy and fully litter-trained. We will only be homing these siblings as a pair.

(Reduced cost neuter/spay, vaccinations and microchipping available)

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