Purr-sonality Profile – Croì  

Age: Adult
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

Croì (Cree) is Irish for heart and she was gifted her name because she is the most precious, sweet girl – with a whole lot of heart! We are pretty certain she was once a loving house cat but has obviously been on the streets now for some time.

Croì was ear-tipped when she came into our care which means at some point a human had trapped her, taken her to the vet and had her spayed but released her back into the wild thinking she was feral. She is definitely not a feral cat and is so relieved to be in the warm and dry, with access to food, water, warmth and love.

She is a big softie who is gentle and loving but just very very scared. For the first few days she didn’t leave the safety of her crate (she put herself in there) and stayed even with the door wide open. She was over the moon to have her fosterers come to her and give her lots of strokes and love but was just too nervous to explore her foster home. 

When cuddled and stroked she purrs and purrs but hasn’t totally learned yet that she can ask for the love she deserves. She is such a  beautiful girl who has had a hard, hard life so far. She wants to be loved but is terrified of being hurt. 

Croì has recently started to emerge from her crate and under the bed. She has started to take little strolls around her home. Early one morning, she even gave a little meow to ask for some strokes.

She’s so beautiful and just wants love. We just need to show her she can have it. She is definitely a lap cat in the making who is just a little apprehensive of the world.

She is healthy and fully litter trained and really likes her food.

She will need a home where the humans will give her time to grow in confidence and fully trust people again. She is extremely loving but just too scared to reach her full potential.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)

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