Constance Markievicz

Constance Markievicz is a 2 year old British short hair female. Affectionate, playful, mischievous but lacks confidence. She is a very loving and gentle cat. She has only hissed once in her life and that was only because she was being dressed up in Santa suit!

She is mischievous and obsessed with water – she plays games with water after it rains and often pokes her head in glasses of water left around the house. She has even learned to turn on the tap in the bathroom!  She is very nervous around people she doesn’t know but comes around once she sees them often enough, and starts looking for rubs. She is territoriality insecure, she demonstrates this by rubbing her cheeks off the furniture especially if new people or animals are in the house. We believe this would ease off once she becomes the only cat in the house.

She is a very happy cat once she is getting attention and reassurance by way of neck scratches and head rubs. She loves eating flies and will clear windows of anything moving during the summer months!

Connie is a house cat and needs a home where she is the only pet – she requires a guardian who will show her lots of attention and is willing to play with her toys when she needs to burn energy. She will go outside but gets very upset and insecure if she is left outside for long periods, so we believe she would be happy indoors only, as long as she is played with often. She needs a calm, quiet environment  and her own bed. It’s best if there are not many young children as small, noisy kids make her quite nervous.

Connie is spayed and has had all necessary vaccinations. 

Connie shared her home with an older cat. The older cat has seizures for the past 2 years but in the last few months has started getting violent with Connie when a seizure is coming on. Connie is upset and scared around the older cat and has lost a lot of confidence since this started getting worse. The fighting has meant that one needs to be re-homed, and as the older cat has a medical condition it is better to re-home the healthy cat.