Bianca, Dippy, Bill and Ted

Purr-sonality Profile – Bianca, Dippy, Bill and Ted

Age: Young adult with 4-5 week old kittens when rescued on 28/10/2019
Neutered/ Spayed: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

Poor mamma Bianca was left behind and abandoned when her humans moved away and she soon fell pregnant.

She is an absolute dote and such a good mother to her three sons. She is so full of love and trust which is amazing considering what she must have been through. Bianca is really affectionate and can’t get enough of the love her fosterers are giving her. She must have really felt deprived while she was living without a home.

Bianca needs lots of love and reassurance that she is safe and loved and won’t let you forget it if she feels she needs more attention!

She chirps away to herself, her fosterers and to her kittens. She loves to chat.

The boys are such lovely little lads. Ted (ginger and white) is the largest of the three babies and loves to climb up trouser legs. He is super playful but not quite as brave and bold as his little brother and best pal, Bill. He is a little rocket but if you can pin him down he does really love a cuddle.

Little Bill (ginger and white) was named after William Wallace, the knight, because he is such a brave warrior. He is always the first to catch whiff of an adventure and at the front of the pack checking it out. He looks near identical to Ted but is just a tad smaller. They are the cutest pair of twins.

Dippy (white and black) is the real baby of the litter. The vet even said if she didn’t know better she would have believed he was 2 weeks younger than his brothers because he is so teeny tiny. He was definitely the runt but is healthy and happy. Dippy loves a cuddle and loves nothing more than to curl up in a nice warm human lap for a good nap. He is a very playful little boy but isn’t quite as energetic as his big brothers.

When the siblings play they especially love balls of twine and their special red ribbon. They will chase after it and pounce. Dippy, Bill and Ted also relish in staging epic wrestling matches (the bigger boys usually win!).

Ted and Bill are the best of friends and we couldn’t possibly separate them – they do absolutely everything together. 

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