Age:   Approx 6-8 years old  
Spayed:  Not known – our vet doesn’t want to put her through the stress of surgery unless she comes into heat
Vaccinated:  No
Microchipped:  No

There has never been a more elegant and refined pussycat than Miss Betty. This exquisite lady has cultivated a fondness for the finer things in life. She just loves her fur being brushed and always welcomes gentle head pets. When spoken to affectionately, she rewards humans by stretching and exposing her belly. If you’re really lucky, she may allow you to give her some belly rubs. She is a mild-mannered lady who is fiercely independent. She doesn’t mind being left alone for a few hours. In fact, she might just spend her spare time grooming her luscious fur and catching up on her beauty sleep. 

Ladylike Miss Betty also has a sassy side. She knows what she wants and has no problem communicating this with her fosterers. She is very vocal about her desire for adoration and affection. She has a very healthy appetite and has eaten everything she’s been offered thus far, but deep down we know that she has a slight preference towards wet food.

Betty always enjoys a bit of play time. She has a particular fondness for playing with balls. She also enjoys playing with sticks, particularly long thin sticks – very sophisticated! She engages in intense play with her toys for brief moments before getting back to her relaxing routine. 

Betty has all the mannerisms of a kitty who was once a very loved house cat, but it seems her previous human may have abandoned her. She spent 10 months hanging around the garden of the human who surrendered her to our care. She has no desire to explore the outdoors anymore, so she has dedicated herself to becoming a full-time lap-cat, sprawling out across the laps of her fosterers and napping in the most amusing positions all over their home. 

Her fosterer believes that other animals may cause her worry because she was being bullied by another cat when trying to fend for herself after being abandoned. Little hisses and growls are her warnings to other animals to stay away. Because of this, we believe she is best suited to a home with no other animals and all her human’s love and affection devoted to her! 

Miss Betty isn’t a fan of being picked up, and she gets scared easily. This makes a home with children less than ideal for her. In saying that, she is a very gentle pussycat and has never used her claws to hurt anyone. Her foster family report never receiving even a tiny scratch from her; she only uses them to help stretch out on the side of the sofa. 

Miss Betty would love to live with someone who works from home in a quiet environment, and would make an excellent companion for an elderly cat lover. She is happy, healthy and housetrained.