Bela and Fera

Purr-sonality Profile – Bela and Fera

Age: 7 – 8 weeks old when rescued on 06/05/19
Neutered/ Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

Bela and Fera were born to a wild mama in a garden in Cabra. Their mama has been healthchecked and spayed and returned to her garden, where she has a shelter we provided, and is being well cared for as a garden cat.

Bela and Fera were terrified when they were first rescued and have been inseparable ever since – they play, eat, sleep together! Now they’re lovers of rubs, humans and other cats. The siblings love to play, racing around the house while chirping and bouncing around. 

Bela (female – longhair) is a sweet kitten who loves, loves, LOVES to be brushed. Her favourite toys are usually feathers her fosterer finds in the outside world. She enjoys rubs, following her foster’s cat around the house and staring longingly out the window. She’s looking for a forever home with her brother where she can play outside, relax in the sun and get lots and lots of attention.

Fera (male – shorthair) has a big personality and loves to bask in the glory of human adoration. He is super playful, loving any and every toy especially if it means that he can jump in the air after it. Fera’s hobbies include performing acrobatics through the air whilst diving after toys, getting rubs, falling asleep on people’s legs, getting rubs, purring while getting rubs, dreaming of the outside world and then getting some more rubs. He is a true lap cat and wants nothing more than to be petted while pawing blankets. He also has a natural talent when it comes to modelling! Fera is longing for a loving home where he and his sister can explore together. 

Bela and Fera are dreaming of the day they get to settle in their forever home, have the freedom to play outside again, and even the opportunity to make friends with other kitties! They are both lovers of affection and have a wonderful bond.

We do not know how well they will get on with children or dogs. We will only be homing these siblings as a pair.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)

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