Baloo and Bambi

Purr-sonality Profile – Baloo and Bambi

Age: Approx 9 weeks old when rescued on 17/08/19
Neutered: No

Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

These gorgeous kittens were rescued from a large colony of cats we are TNRing in Ballymun. 

The boys have two great loves – food and play! Their current favourite toys are the cat tree, cotton ear buds, feather sticks, bottle caps and just about anything that moves – even blueberries or chickpeas that fall on the ground!

Baloo (ginger and white) is is super playful and very social. He’s also a real purrer. He loves being held and we think he’ll be a real lap cat in no time! He needs lots and lots of entertaining – he provides plenty in return! He’s an adventurous little boy who just loves to explore. He has a bit of an obsession with balls with bells inside and loves pawing them around and listening to them rattle.

Bambi (black and white) is a total foodie – can you blame him? No longer starving, he hasn’t quite got the memo that his next meal is guaranteed! He is nearly as playful as his brother and loves to go bounding after him. Bambi can get a little possessive over his food but he’s learning to share (sort of)! He is a real wriggler and isn’t too keen on being held at the moment but his fosterer is trying to coax him into cuddles whenever she can. He is getting more and more affectionate by the day.

The boys could play for hours and hours (they do whenever given the opportunity!). They are very easily entertained.

They’re both suckers for treats and their ears perk up the second a human hand touches the treat packet. 

They’re just a wonderful pair of playful boys who most certainly love a snooze together when they’ve tuckered themselves out. We think they would be suited to a home with humans who don’t might them being quite independent. We think they would love a garden or outdoor space to explore as they are dying to see the great outdoors.

They are happy, healthy and fully litter-trained. We will only be homing these siblings as a pair as they are rather obsessed with each other! 

(Reduced cost neuter, vaccinations and microchipping available)

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