Adopt a Kitty

Adopting a Kitty

A kitty cat makes a wonderful addition to any household and we are always delighted to talk with people who are interested in offering a kitty a loving home. If you are looking to adopt a feline friend, there are a few steps in the process.

Home Visit

When you contact us, we will arrange a home visit as soon as we can. This is so we can meet with all adult members of your household to discuss all aspects of adopting a cat/ kitten. It is also to ensure that the home is suitable for the particular cat/ kitten, especially if there are any other animals or children in the home. As a general rule, we do not home kittens under 8 weeks old and we only home young kittens under 12 weeks old in pairs unless there is already a cat in residence or where a member of the human household will be at home most of the time. This is because a young kitten should not be left on his/ her own for any length of time as s/he needs the companionship and interaction of another cat or kitten to learn how to be a kitty. Also, let’s be honest – two kittens are so much more fun than just one!!

If all goes well and you decide you are ready to go ahead and adopt any of our cats/ kittens, we will ask you to sign our adoption contract and pay an adoption donation.

Adoption Contract

This simple form covers three key areas: you will ensure your kitty receives appropriate veterinary attention whenever required; you will neuter/ spay any kitten you adopt before they are 5 months old; and, should you not be able to look after your kitty for whatever reason, you will contact us to rehome him/ her rather than doing so yourself.

Adoption Donation

We ask for an adoption donation of €50.

Is there safe access to outdoors?

If you live on a main road or in a built up area, it may be better for your cat to stay indoors all the time. Cats can live very happily indoors, as they are safe from traffic, fights with other cats or animals, and are less likely to contract certain diseases.

Can you afford the vet bills and other costs?

We can help with lower cost neutering/ spaying, vaccinations, and microchipping but there are inevitably going to be more costs down the road. You may wish to consider taking out pet insurance.

Are there other cats or animals in the household?

Many cats can live very happily in a multi-cat or multi-pet household but you may need to keep your new kitty separate from the resident animals while they all adjust. We can advise you about how to introduce and integrate the new feline member of your family.