Willam and Alaska

Purr-sonality Profile – Willam and Alaska


                      Willam                                                            Alaska

Age:                                       9 months old when rescued on 20/12/19
Neutered/Spayed:         Yes
Vaccinated:                       Yes
Microchipped:                  No

Willam and Alaska were rescued living on school grounds where they were being kindly fed and looked after by a member of staff. They were very weary of their foster humans at first but are making great progress each day!

For Willam, the old proverb about cat & curiosity is very apt. He’s not quite ready for physical contact with humans but is very interested in play time and spying on his fosterer when she works around the house. He is even eating treats out of her hand!

Alaska on the other hand is not making any progress. She will play with her brother happily but is still scared of humans. Dreamies seem to be the best but slow way to her still frozen-to-humans heart.

We think they are best suited to an experienced adopter who is willing to continue their socialization. Although Willam is more independent, we will only be homing them as a pair as Alaska is very dependent on her brother, who loves deeply her in return.

They are both healthy and housetrained. We do not feel they will be suitable for a home with dogs, children or other cats. They need a calm, peaceful environment.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)


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