Clara and Robbie

Purr-sonality Profile – Clara and Robbie


Age:  Approx 7 years old when surrendered into our care on 20/02/20
Neutered/ Spayed:  Yes
Vaccinated:  No
Microchipped:  No

Clara and Robbie were surrendered into our care after their human sadly passed away. They were both understandably nervous when they first came into our care but they soon felt comfortable and started exploring their fosterer’s home and playing with each other. They have been domestic cats since they were young kittens and are both very well behaved.

Clara is such a calm and quiet girl, with a look that can melt the coldest hearts. She loves to be stroked and petted whilst sharing the sofa with you and she rolls around for more – she simply can’t get enough fuss!. She purrs and purrs and begs for more!

Robbie is a very quiet and shy cat who needs time to trust new people. He enjoys his own space and sometimes prefers to stay by the window just to observe everything which goes on outside. He’s more cautious but also loves being stroked once he gets to know you.

They are absolute dotes with wonderful purr-sonalities. They are both happy, healthy and housetrained. We don’t know how well they get on with dogs, young children or other cats.

We will only be homing these beauties together.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)

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