Purr-sonality Profile – Bushy

Age:                       Approx 1 year old when rescued on 27/11/19
Spayed:               Yes
Vaccinated:        No
Microchipped:  No

We rescued Bushy from behind Connelly Station where a kind lady had been feeding her. Another rescue had trapped Bushy and spayed her, tipped one ear, and released her back. The poor cat was struggling and needed our help.

She was nearly frozen with fear when she first came into our care. As she relaxed just a smidgen, she tried as hard as she could to persuade her she was aggressive in the hope we would back off and not hurt her. She nearly broke our hearts but we could see her inner beauty shining through. She has been in our care for a few months now and her transformation has been almost miraculous. Here’s what her fosterer says…

“My girl is amazing!!

She is really inquisitive and friendly, hates being held (haaaaates it) but absolutely loves, loves, loves being rubbed, so I sit next to her and rub her head and give her scratches and she purrs. When I’m in my kitchen she likes to know what’s going on, walks in and around my legs and loves a lil head rub there too, her food is nearby so it’s a happy place for her.

She loves her toys but I hear her play with them mostly at night as opposed to when there’s someone in the sitting room with her. If you’re there long enough, I mean 6+ hours, she will eventually play with them in front of people!
She takes to her crate, which she sees as her safe space, when she hears the door or when there is anyone here she doesn’t know. If we leave the bedroom door open during the night, she will pop in and out during the night to check on us but never wants to get close (ie she doesn’t climb up on the bed to sleep next to us).

She’s the sweetest girl, has completely stopped swiping, stopped hissing, stopped biting and will happily be picked up for a lil cuddle, but I can’t emphasise enough how much she hates being held.

Gaining her trust feels like my greatest achievement in life so far! She will make an amazing pet in her forever home, I am just sad I can’t keep her myself but I will be travelling too much with work soon,” help when we’re away.”

We will only be homing Bushy to a very experienced adopter who knows how to continue building her confidence. She needs a calm, peaceful home with no dogs nor young children. We do not know how she will react to other cats. Bushy is happy, healthy and fully housetrained.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)

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